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Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

Servicing all PC makes and models from desktops and laptops to servers and netbooks.  PC Crisis provides the highest standards in computer technical support services whether you have a 10 year old PC or cutting-edge Server. With over 40 years of experience in the electronics and computer service industry,  our staff is second to none when it comes to expertise and know-how. We are dedicated to providing fast, reliable and time-proven solutions to all your computer troubleshooting needs. Our technicians are highly trained and constantly keeping up to date on emerging technologies. With our extensive background in electronics, we have capabilities other shop. PC Crisis is uniquely qualified to perform Motherboard repairs in shop. We can repair damaged laptop hinges, cracked laptop covers, replace LCD screens and keyboards all in shop. Your computer never leaves our facility. Our customer service is superb and award winning.


Virus Removal Services

Adware, malware, spyware, Trojans, worms, hijackers, re-directors and viruses: Oh MY! With the number of threats to our privacy, data and security out there today, it is a wonder we get any work done. Fortunately, today's antivirus software is out there protecting and defending us from evil doers. 

But, sometimes you forget to renew your antivirus subscription, press a button you wished you hadn’t, opened an email from a "friend", or even went to a website you thought was safe. We have all done it.  BAM! Your infected. Pictures of winged, flying pink elephants fill your screen, you get redirected to the jam of the month club or worse you are locked out of your PC accused of going to the most horrible sites.  Your own laptop takes a picture of you and threatens to do more damage if you don’t pay  a ransom. 

Our staff are experts at computer virus removal. Removing today's viruses takes know-how. The bad guys update, modify and reinvent their threats everyday. Most of the PCs we see have "working" antivirus software. Simply running utilities is often not enough. You need to know how the attack works to thoroughly remove it and keep it from re-infecting your pc.


Data Recovery Services

Servicing individuals and businesses.  What is Data Recovery? Data recovery is simply the act of using advanced procedures to access data that the consumer cannot. It can be as simple as removing a hard drive from a failed PC, or laptop, and copying the files to another, more manageable media, such as an external hard drive, CD, or flash drive, to advanced hardware and software techniques to copy data from a severely failing device to another drive, where advanced techniques can be applied to extract the most information possible. We have the tools in shop to recover data from all but the most difficult of failures requiring a cleanroom. Here’s a secret: better than 95% of all hard drives we see do NOT need a cleanroom. And if it does, we have allied ourselves with one of the best cleanroom recovery houses in the country. We can handle the whole job, from securely packing and shipping the drive, to communicating with their engineers and ultimately copying the data to your computer. Stop in and give us a try. If we cannot read your data our evaluation is free.


DC Jack Repair / Replacement

With over 100 DC jacks in stock and most other jacks are a day or 2 away.  PC Crisis is one of the few shops that has the technical electronics expertise and state of the art equipment required to replace DC jacks, power connectors, USB ports and headphone/headset jacks, even those embedded on the motherboard.


LCD and Touch Screen Replacement

With many of the most popular sizes of LCD in stock and many others only a day or 2 away, PC Crisis can replace your damaged or cracked LCD or touch screen FAST.


New Computer Setup

When it's time to retire Old Faithful and replace her with a newer, faster, model,  PC Crisis is here to copy ALL of your data and personal information to your new system.  We can install your applications,  anti-virus software, and printers.  We can even migrate your email and email account settings.


Remote Troubleshooting

PC Crisis offers remote support services.  Many computer troubles are software related mis-configurations.   Using secure remote access software, PC Crisis can remotely troubleshoot and resolve MANY non hardware related issues.  In some cases, we can log on and determine if a trip to the shop is needed ( for this type of support we will have you download and install a small remote access application.  You are always in complete control.  You must read us a code generated on your machine each time we need to reconnect; for example, after a reboot.   Once the support session has concluded the software is automatically uninstalled.)


Our Service Area

We are local to all of Lake Norman.  So, if you live or work in or near 

28037 Denver

28078 Huntersville 

28031 Davidson 

28036 Cornelius

28115 or 28117 Mooresville 

28166 Troutman 

28673 Sherrills Ford 

28164 Stanley 

we are only a few minutes away. 

Or, via our remote access services almost anywhere on the globe.


Remote OFF-SITE Backup

PC Crisis offers OFF-SITE bare-metal backup and restore services.  We can back-up only the files you deem important, up to FULL server images.  So, in the event of a  fire, tornado, flood, theft, equipment failure, or other catastrophe, your most precious data is safe at a minimum.  We can even offer services to restore the image to a remote web-based server, if business continuity is critical to your organization.


eMail Services and Support

With 30 + years of working email client and server knowledge, PC Crisis is second to none when it comes to email.  We can troubleshoot your connectivity issues or set you up with a totally synchronous hosted exchange account managed and maintained locally.


Computer Upgrades

Is your computer slower than it used to be, but you still love it?  It fits your space exactly the way you like?  Or, has a piece of software that isn't made anymore, and you just want to give it a tune-up? No Problem.  We can add memory, upgrade your old, slow, electro-mechanical, spinning hard drive to a STATE-OF-THE-ART Solid State drive (SSD).   SSDs are often a factor of 5 or more times faster than a mechanical (HDD)  drive.  Even a 5 or 6 year old desktop or laptop will see a marked performance increase.   Since SSD's have no moving parts, they are generally FAR better at surviving the events that used to kill HDDs  ( you know, events like turning the computer on and working with it).  Call Today and get a quote on upgrading to an SSD.   Your computer will come back to you EXACTLY the way it was.  We image the old drive to the new drive, so EVERYTHING is where it was: all your programs are still installed, your documents, pictures, movies, music, saved passwords, and favorites are where you left them last. EVERYTHING.  Just a LOT faster to access and operate.