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Data Recovery Services

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Recover Data

What is Data Recovery? Data recovery is simply the act of using advanced procedures to access data that the consumer cannot. It can be as simple as removing a hard drive from a failed PC or laptop and copying the files to another more manageable media such as an external hard drive, CD or flash drive; to advanced hardware and software techniques to copy data from a severely failing device to another drive where advanced techniques can be applied to extract the most information possible.

We have the tools in shop to recover data from all but the most difficult of failures requiring a clean room.

Here’s a secret.. Better than 95% of all hard drives we see do NOT need a cleanroom. And if it does we have allied ourselves with one of the best cleanroom recovery houses in the country. We can handle the whole job from securely packing and shipping the drive to communicating with their engineers and ultimately copying the data to your computer. Stop in give us a try. If we cannot read your data our evaluation is free.

  • "They did a great job when my computer crashed and saved all of my data to an external drive. They were very helpful and timely. I would definitely use them again."

    James B.,

We can help with:
  • Unrecognizable drives
  • Drives not spinning
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Reformatted drives
  • Virus attacks
  • Lost or inaccessible partitions

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